Private & Semi Private Lessons with David Leggio

This summer we are offering private and semi-private clinics. These clinics will be run primarily by Senior Instructor Ian Sylves. With a private session, coach Sylves will be able to focus on each goaltenders strengths and weaknesses to provide quality and personal feedback. An IPad will be used to show skills in slow motion to give direct feedback to the goaltender in regard to movement, puck tracking, positioning, etc.

As of now, these sessions are available on demand. We will have dates planned for the summer shortly. We will work with you to find a time and location that is suitable for your needs.


Cost may vary slightly but below is a sample of what you can expect. Everything will be verified before the sessions are confirmed.

1: Goaltender- $165
2: Goaltenders – $85
3-4: Goaltenders- $75

If you are interested in arranging a Private Clinic, please email David Leggio at